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Joy in Serving Christ in Unity - Part 4

Paul's Examples - Epaphroditus

Date: Aug 8th 2020

Speaker: Bro. Priyaranjan Midde

Passage Reference: Philippians 2: 25 - 30

Key Verse: Philippians 2: 29

Central message: Epaphroditus exhibited humble concern for the needs of others. He was so loving. And he risked his life to meet the needs of fellow believers. We have to pray God and seek His help to put relationships above things and not to find ourselves forever and ever trying to insulate ourselves into comfort zones, but put us out there on the cutting edge where we risk, where we can see the mighty hand of deliverance in our behalf. Some of us don't even know what it is to be rescued because we've never been out there where there's any danger. We've never opened our mouth to speak of Christ. We've never taken a stand. Let's seek God's help to be sacrificial. And may we with humility and without complaint work out our salvation with fear and trembling and may our Lord be pleased with that which we offer Him as the sacrifice of ourselves for His glory.

Message Outline:

1. Epaphroditus – Five titles given by Apostle Paul (v25)

My brother - Joy of the common eternal life, common love

My fellow worker - Joy of the common effort

My fellow soldier- Joy of the fighting a common spiritual warfare

Your messenger- Joy of the common Apostleship

Minister to my need- Joy of the common sacred service

2. Epaphroditus – Reasons for sending him back (v26)

3. Epaphroditus – Paul’s view of his return (v27 – v29)

4. Epaphroditus – Exemplary Sacrificial life (v30)

Message Summary:

Like Epaphroditus, we should be ready to become a servant-leader without seeking any material gains - No empire, no money, no popularity. Always willing to serve the Lord behind the scenes under His mighty arms. Be a faithful brother, faithful worker, faithful soldier, unselfish, humble, sympathetic, compassionate, courageous, godly person.


  • What of Epaphroditus is there in us who sacrificed his life to the point of death, in ministry to others, what? Lately?

  • What of Paul is there in us who sacrificed everything?

  • What of the Church at Philippi is there in us who were so concerned, caring and regarding people more than things?

Full Sermon Video : TCF Charlotte Aug 8th 2020 ( link to be updated )

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