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Book of Philippians - Overview

Study Topic: Book of Philippians - Overview

Date: 25 / April 2020

Speaker: Bro. David Thullimelli

Key Notes:

  • An account of Paul's life leading upto Philippi

  • Historic background of Philippians

  • We see three very different people who are impacted by Paul’s ministry at Philippi: a. Jewish businesswoman - Lydia b. Slave girl – Demon possessed – Acts 16:16-18 c. Jailer – Acts 16:23-26

  • Paul worked hard and suffered much at Philippi

  • Philippian church sent help to paul and partnered with him in the ministry of spreading the gospel

  • The love between Paul and the Phillipi church was mutual and very strong.

  • Paul had tremendous joy remembering and writing to Philippian church.

  • Paul uses phrases/objects from Philippian local context like Soldier, Citizenship to get their attention.

  • Issues: • Persecution - Philippians 1:27-30 • False teaching - Philippians 3:1-3, 18, 19 • Internal conflicts - Philippians 2:1-3, 4:2

  • Solution/ Main Perspective: Introduces Jesus as the author and finisher of our Faith and also tells that we need to have the mind of Christ. He explains the mind of Christ at great lengths in chapter 2.

  • Application: I. Are you sensitive to the voice of the Spirit of God? II. Are you able to identify false teachers in the light of the Word? III. Are you having internal conflicts that you are struggling with? IV. Remember the solution. Approach the book as if it is written to you by the Spirit of God. He is the author and you are the audience.

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